Collaboration is meant for sharing our ideas, learning how to work will with others, and being able to put our thoughts out there.  I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with others to get work or assignments done, but I have to say, at times it does get complicated when schedules don’t fit or the participation isn’t there.  Throughout this spring semester, I was able to participate in different activities and work with others.  It is interesting that sometimes I share the same ideas with some of my peers.  Being able to work together allows and pushes me to work harder towards my goals.

My participation hasn’t been the greatest this semester.  I could have participated more in the GLDs and place my thoughts out there with everyone else, but at the same time I didn’t want to repeat what has already been said.  Speaking up has always been one of my greatest fears, and like a weakling, I failed to overcome it.  My high school teachers always said I spoke more in paper than I did in class, which is the obvious truth.  Though I didn’t participated as much as I wanted to, it was amazing being able to listen to the ideas that my peers had thrown out to the class.  Aside from the GLDs, I was able to participate fully on peer reviewing.  I appreciated when my peers marked up my essay, comments, and points out where the extra work should be placed in.  As much as my peers gave to me, I made sure to give the same amount back in return.

I have included my GLD notes and/or powerpoint along with the names of my peers that I have responded to in blogging as evidence.  Some of my peer reviewed essays can be found on the Process pages under rough draft.  These items highlight how much I was able to share, learn, and gain while collaborating with my peers.

GLD Notes/Powerpoint:

Peers I replied to in Blogging:

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