Over the course of WRI 010, I have written four papers, participated in two presentations, collaborated in discussions, and gained knowledge that I did not know prior to this class.  The beginning of my second semester here at the University of California, Merced, I did not expect that this challenging writing class would change my perspective of writing.  Prior to this course, I had always used the same method for writing.  This course gave me a new format and method to writing essay that have changed my idea of writing.  As this semester ends, I can truthfully say that I have made progress as a reader, writer, researcher, and thinker. This progression is evidenced by the artifacts that I have included for each learning outcome of this course.

When I registered for WRI 010, I thought it’ll be similar to WRI 001, but this class is different.  Through the four formal essays that I was required to complete, I was able to put my mind into thinking.  The grade I received from these essays represented the quality and time I spent on it.  I believe if one spend a decent amount of time on their essay instead of waiting for the last minute to complete it, their grade will be decent as well.  The grade I got also reflects me as a writer.  I always strive to do the best I can when it comes to writing, and my grades does reflect me as a writer.

Other than my writing, I have learned how to rely on my group in finishing a group led discussion. I was able to work with different peers, which is a great way to gain different thoughts and hear what they have to say.  Also, I was able to participate and relate to my peers in discussions as well.  This amazing experience has changed my way of thinking and writing by far.  Being able to work together with my peers has eased my anxiety of public speaking.  These all makes up my overall grade.

The overall grade I felt I have earned in this class is an A-.  This semester, I have placed endless time and effort on my essays, readings, and group presentation.  The time and effort I put into paper reflects on the grade I have earned.  As I mentioned above, the work I have done previously reflects on me as a writer and my effort that I placed onto it.  I would not mind an B+ because I did lack in the group discussion due to the fact that I either didn’t want to be repetitive or the fear of speaking up got to me.  Even though there were some bumps along my journey in WRI 010, I have gained much new knowledge that will benefit me in the future.

My spring semester in WRI 010 has ended, but my journey in writing continues.  I will keep searching for a higher goal or a greater purpose to keep me writing.  This course has offered me more than I can take away from it.  WRI 010 is the start of my writing career here at the University of California, Merced.  As I continued along my journey, I well make sure to utilize the knowledge I have gain from this course in my future works.  To sum up, my journey in WRI 010 has been remarkable and one to remember.

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