Ethics is about utilizing the available resources that I have to complete any type of research.  This semester, with the help of my friends, peers, and the librarian, I was able to gain new knowledge of researching.  For example, my essay two required some historical research.  In essay two, I wrote about the Hmong people during the time period when Oscar Zeta Acosta wrote The Revolt of the Cockroach People.  Even though I had many background knowledge of my people, but I needed to proved evidence of the actual date and time period to support my argument.  I asked a few peers to help me decided which websites to utilize and which shouldn’t be.  A few recommended that I should look up my evidence on wiki, but don’t use wiki.  Instead I should click on the external links and go to the original website.  This was easier for me because now I don’t have to google everything and look through the numbers of pages to find what I really need.

Research ethics makes researching much easier and understandable.  The librarian are also a great source to contact.  They know everything about books and where to find articles and magazine that a researcher might need.  The librarian introduced to me the library website where I can look up books and other resources.  Prior to this, it has always been difficult for me to find sources for my work.  Now I can easily look them up on the library’s official page.  My difficulties with the network system has been resolved.  Researches this semester will help me in my future.

I have included a list of the sources I’ve used in all my essays as evidence.  This item highlight what sources I was able to find and what sources I had used along with how my research came about.

Works Cited:

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