Craft is about crafting that extraordinary piece of writing that is displays progress, creatively, effort, and honesty.  In writing, everyone crafts their own piece of work that is filled with their thoughts and ideas.  In this section of my learning outcomes, I have crafted four final essay drafts (which I provided below).  In my drafts, I have made progress as a reader, writer, learner, and thinker.  My rough draft can be found in the Process section, where my crafting has gradually changed to my final drafts.  As a writer, I am responsible to craft my own ideas on to my paper and support an claims that I have made.

The essays I have crafted for this class has shaped my way of writing.  The four drafts I wrote were all different, but challenging.  When crafting these essays, I was able to build upon my own knowledge of writing.  I learned how to use the new essay format to craft my essays, which was extremely helpful.  I was able to think differently and read my paper in another way.  To craft my essays, I set myself lose on researches and books to find the most significant idea that interests me.  With an interesting topic, I am able to write down anything that comes to my mind.  This semesters essays crafting has been a challenge, but a challenge filled with new experiences.

Final Essay Drafts:

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