For this section of my learning outcomes, I have been able to use the knowledge I was able to gain and reflect on my work throughout his course.  Below, I have provided my reading journals/reflections and class journals/reflections as evidence for the work I have done for this semester.  These journals helped me reflect on what I have done and learned in this class.  As, I have included two in class writing as evidence as well.  These items highlight my learning process and outcome of the course.  Prior to this course, I was unable or did not have knowledge of many things and techniques.  This course offered me an easier format to write my essays.  I have gotten so familiar with this new format, that I utilized it on every essay that I wrote for this class and my other classes as well.  With this new format, I was able to see my growth as a writer.  The reading reflections help kept my mind moving about the book and displayed my thinking.  I was able to grow as a thinker due to the massive reading for this course.  These progresses that I have made have helped me to become a better student.

As I reflect on my growth this semester, I am able to see the progress I have made from the works, assignments and presentations.  It did not matter if I was reading, writing, researching, or thinking, I was able to utilize the knowledge I have picked up from the beginning of class to help me out along the way.  This course has helped me grow as I reflected and responded in my class journals.  By watching my progress, I am able watch over myself and achieve greater goals.  The numbers of work I have done in this course will benefit me in the future.

In Class Writing:

Class Journals:

Reading Journals:

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